Here for those who dedicate their lives to helping others.

We’ve been assisting nonprofits in the five boroughs of New York City and beyond for 25 years.

We’re not just another supplier. We’re a part of your community, aiming to build lasting relationships. After all, it’s not merely business for us — it’s about service, genuine care, and doing our part to make the places we live and work in healthier, stronger, and more united.

Simplify your supplies.

Amplify your mission.

For nonprofit organizations who are stressed with acquiring supplies promptly and affordably to respond to both routine and sudden demands, the unparalleled services at TED Supply are an essential procurement partner that assures a frictionless experience, offering a plethora of products, giving organizations freedom to focus on their noble cause without the worry of logistics and supply chain obstacles.

Who we are

TED Supply offers a tailored sourcing solution that understands the unique challenges faced by charitable organizations. With a quarter-century under our belt, we’ve fine-tuned our approach, ensuring your needs are met with precision and timely care. Our roots are deep in community values. We don’t just supply; we partner, anticipate, and share in your mission to uplift and aid. At TED Supply, you’ll find a team ready to walk alongside you, simplifying procurement so you can focus on what truly matters.



Next-Day Delivery

Timely sourcing when you need it most.

One-Stop Procurement

Janitorial, hardware, office supplies, furniture, food service, and health & beauty, all in one place.

Flexible Payment Terms

Recognizing nonprofit financial rhythms providing flex credit.

Consultative Approach

Beyond mere supply; we understand, anticipate, and tailor solutions for your unique needs.

Hard-to-Find Items

Even the rarest essentials are within our reach, streamlining your procurement journey.


TED Supply is deeply woven into the fabric of community upliftment. Beyond our sourcing services, we actively support and collaborate with community based organizations. Our mission isn’t just to supply but to serve, embodying our core values of service and caring in every philanthropic effort.

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