Privacy Policy

No communication by the Company, through this website or any other medium, should be construed or is intended to be a recommendation to purchase, sell or hold any security or otherwise to be investment, tax, financial, accounting, legal, regulatory or compliance advice. Investing in securities described on this website poses risks, including but not limited to credit risk, interest rate risk, and the risk of losing some or all of the money you invest. Before investing in any securities you should: (i) conduct your own investigation and analysis; (ii) carefully consider the investment and all related charges, expenses, uncertainties and risks, including all uncertainties and risks described in offering materials; and (iii) consult with your own investment, tax, financial and legal advisors. Any investments or securities described on this website are only suitable for accredited investors who understand and are willing and able to accept the high risks associated with private investments. Investing in private placements requires long-term commitments, the ability to afford to lose the entire investment, and low liquidity needs. The Company does not make any representation or warranty to any prospective investor regarding the legality or suitability of any investments (including any securities).

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